April Dobbins

Filmmaker / Director of Prestigious Awards at University of Miami

Miami, USA

Glued fingers, Wonder Woman and a heart full of Love

Who is "you"?
Above all, I’m an artist. I am a writer and filmmaker. I’m a mother, and my daughter Imani goes with me everywhere.

Wich is the thing you love the most in your city?
Everyone thinks South Beach when they think of Miami, but it is so much more. Miami is a thinking city full of artists and creative people. The arts scene is this beautiful, burgeoning thing. Also, it’s so international that it feels like it is not in the US, and the weather is AWESOME.

What makes you travel?
Life is just too short to live in your comfort zone. I want to grow, learn, and listen to people who aren’t like me. I want to be challenged, to get lost, to be in places where I have to communicate in a language other than English—even if that means I do a crappy job in whatever language.

Places you´ve been in the world?
Namibia, Iceland, South Africa.

Tell us a smell, a taste, a color, or a sense you remember from a place you´ve been?
There is nothing like the smell of the morning in the Namib Desert and the glorious way the blue of the ocean crashes into the sprawling orange dunes on the Skeleton Coast.

What is the silliest thing you ever bought in your trips?
I came back from London with a pair of glittery red platform Wonder Woman boots. I wore those boots to class. I even wore them to my college graduation.

If Lisbon was a person, who does it remind you of?
For me, Lisbon is that cool, old guy who tells the best jokes and has the best drinks. He always has a good story, and everybody sits down to talk to him because he just knows how to make the day a good one. He has no tolerance for snobs. He can be sentimental, but not for long. He’s also big flirt.

We hate tourism tours?
Bruno embodies it all for me. The charm, the humor, the genuine cool factor.

Have you ever fell in love with someone when you travel?
I fall in love with someone every time I travel, just not in the typical way. I love meeting people and hearing their stories and making a real connection. That’s my main goal out in the world. I met many of my dear friends while traveling.

The most embarrassing/funny moment you had while travelling?
I like to laugh so there are too many funny moments to choose from. I managed to superglue my fingers together somewhere in Windhoek, and I had to ride a whole day on a safari truck before I could get the glue off. That was pretty whack.

Next stop?
I have spent the last two years making movies. Movies are expensive to make and they take up all of your travel money. (Stay away from movies.) I haven’t been able to travel much because I am working on a feature-length documentary about Alabama, which is where I grew up. My pockets are empty, but my heart is full.

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