Ed Uyeshima

Digital product management

San Francisco, USA

Shearing sheeps, eating good food and being curious

Who is "you"?
Digital strategist, aspiring Renaissance man, and wishful raconteur. Reshaping the digital landscape is my professional journey, while travel and food are my personal passions.

Wich is the thing you love the most in your city?
Frankly how easy it was to navigate a fascinating city without having to rent a car. Between using your tour company and using the vintage streetcars, I covered many of the high points. I think I underestimated Lisboa as a travel destination before I got there.

What makes you travel?
Same reason as Anthony Bourdain and millions of others with wanderlust: curiosity about how other people and societies live and how and what they eat.

Places you´ve been in the world?
According to TripAdvisor, I've been to 50 countries. My favorites are the European countries around the Mediterranean (Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey), Cuba, New Zealand, Nepal, and because of my heritage, Japan.

Tell us a smell, a taste, a color, or a sense you remember from a place you´ve been?
The bright orange of the over 2,000 torii gates at the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto (I was just there in December.)? ?The smell of the cigars at the Partagas Cigar Factory in Havana.

What is the silliest thing you ever bought in your trips?
A wooden set of animals sitting at a table drinking beers that I bought at a roadside shop in Tanzania. It survived for a number of years on my bookshelf but would fall down in pieces whenever we had an earthquake.

If Lisbon was a person, who does it remind you of?
I think of Spain as a young wayward woman who doesn't apologize for anything she does, so Portugal would be her slightly younger brother, somewhat more controlled but with a zest for life he wants to explore.

We hate tourism tours?
Personable, individualistic...still remember fondly your jeep.

Have you ever fell in love with someone when you travel?
Oh yes.

The most embarrassing/funny moment you had while travelling?
Trying to shear a sheep at a family farm on the North Island of New Zealand.

Next stop?
Iceland is likely my next stop.

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