Larissa Olenicoff

Travel writer and destination marketing consultant

Pristina, Kosovo

Blonde, beautiful photos and being a gypsy

Who is "you"?
Larissa Olenicoff is a travel addict and iPhone photographer from California with a passion for Europe in particular. She is the author of the travel blog The Blonde Gypsy - a colorful whirlwind of eye-candy, travel tips, and unexpected adventures that seeks to inspire world travel by providing insight into cultures and destinations.

Wich is the thing you love the most in your city?
Pristina has an indescribable energy that you don't find in many other European cities - probably because 70% of the country's population is under the age of 35. Though there isn't an incredible amount to do in terms of touristic sights, it's always quite lively in the center and a wonderful place to just hang around and enjoy a coffee or alcoholic beverage(s). 

What makes you travel?
To learn more about the world 

Places you´ve been in the world?
Over 65 countries. Just about every country in Europe (think I am only missing 3 or 4), Asia, the Americas, Africa once...

Tell us a smell, a taste, a color, or a sense you remember from a place you´ve been?
Out on the tundra of northern Finland, the most north you can go in the country, with reindeer herders and their reindeer. The air was some of the freshest I've ever smelt and the sky just the most fantastic blue I've seen, just a stunning contrast against the pure white snow.

What is the silliest thing you ever bought in your trips?
One time I bought a sea turtle in the Bahamas and named it ""Twenty"". Some locals were selling it out of their boat, presumably for someone to eat or wrongfully keep as a pet, so I went in on the purchase with my friends and we just let Twenty swim free out in the middle of the ocean. Hope he/she is doing well now.

If Lisbon was a person, who does it remind you of?
An elegant old lady all made up with her antique jewels telling hundreds of wild and entertaining stories from her past - maybe even smoking a fancy cigarette and drinking ginjinha at the same time.

We hate tourism tours?
A precocious cool kid who probably owns multiple leather jackets and is a lot of fun to hang out with.

Have you ever fell in love with someone when you travel?

The most embarrassing/funny moment you had while travelling?
The funniest moments are running into friends or friends of friends in the unlikeliest of places which tends to happen to me often - the world (and particularly the travel world) is truly tiny. Most embarrassing is anytime I am going through customs and I forget where I came from which thankfully has only happened a couple of times and usually surrounds extra intense periods of travel where multiple countries were visited in one day.

Next stop?
Right now I am all about exploring more of the Balkans (Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, etc) as I live here, but if I had to choose somewhere outside of this region it would be Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan.

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