Nadja Schmucki


Baden, Switzerland

Swiss Alps, loud waterfalls and the sweet taste of “Morangoskas”

Who is "you"?
I'm a young woman that is always on the way to look for something. I'm working as a pharmacist and trying my best to follow the rules. But also I love kickboxing, because it makes my mind free. Besides that, I'm interested in languages and travels, because sometimes you need to escape every day life, even if its only in your mind. I love my family and friends because they are always listening to my ideas.

Wich is the thing you love the most in your city?
Its not directly in my city, but since Switzerland is a very tiny country, I can mention it here (and also I spent a lot of time in that city). Its the Aare river that goes through our capital Berne. I love to swim in that clear water, to make barbecue at the border of it, and to flow through it with a little boat. In summertime, you are never alone in the Aare river. Hundereds or thousands of people are walking upwards, to cool down on a hot day. The view of the mountains and the skyline of our capital are fantastic. And the water is never cold - but its refreshing since its coming directly from the mountains.

What makes you travel?
The interest of seeing what is outside of the borders of my little country. Swiss people are often too much focused on every day life. I think everyone should spend some time abroad. Travelling is like learning in an open book in 4-D; I like it because it makes you feel the world with all your senses. And it makes you feel tiny, compared to the beauty and diversity our planet has. Its good to realize where things come from, what problems other cultures have and what incredible landscapes exist!

Places you´ve been in the world?
Ecuador - because it made me feel what living means. The country is so colorful and diverse. Gasping for breath at 5000 meters above sea level, waking up with the sounds of parrots in the amazon and snorkeling with penguins on Galapagos Islands made me forget every day life. Incredible how many landscapes, animals, flowers, types of people and languages exist there. Every day was full of life, full of smells and colours. Combined with helpful people, interesting culture and good food Ecuador is one of my favorite places so far. Croatia - because of its picturesques villages and the turqoise sea. People there are very warm and enjoy life. They have good food, beautiful tiny beaches and very nice villages, also far away from the famous touristic hotspots. I was surprised by their vitality. The aletsch glacier (also known as the biggest glacier in the alps) - because it consistently takes my breath away. Starting on Jungfraujoch, the top of Europe, a 2 day hiking goes over the Aletsch glacier ending on Fiescheralp. The view in the Jungfrau region is amazing. When I was walking over the glacier, I realized that you don't necessarily need to go to Patagonia to see a huge glacier, its enough to stay in the heart of Europe.

Tell us a smell, a taste, a color, or a sense you remember from a place you´ve been?
The sweet taste of ""Morangoska"" I used to drink with my friends in Bairro Alto in Lisbon. And the golden colour of the light that is everywhere in Lisbon. That light that is reflecting in Tejo River at lunchtime, and that light that is shining through the streets when the sun goes down, that covers you with the last warmth in one of the Miradouros and that makes you happy every day! =) A vida é linda!

What is the silliest thing you ever bought in your trips?
I think its the little figure of a tortoise, made of tagua nut, in Banos, Ecuador. We liked the country and we wanted to buy something. So there was a souvenir shop, that seemed to be very unique. Before we left the city, we returned to the center because we wanted to find the shop again to buy that figures. After looking for the shop for a while, we were kind of stressed because we didnt remember the street. But then finally we entered the shop and bought our souvenirs. Later, we realized that these souvenirs are not very unique, and that you could buy them all over the country.

If Lisbon was a person, who does it remind you of?
Oh difficult to tell you that. Because I spent 5 months in Lisbon, and I'm always returning, it reminds me of many people and many characteristics. It can be like your best friend that you can always trust and that offers you a strong shoulder in the middle of the night. Because I know I can go there and I'll feel well. But also, it can be like a beautiful young woman, growing and getting more beautiful with time and by the time youre looking at it. And sometimes its like an old man, trying hard to walk in the sun along the cobblestoned streets. Beause there are some places that are aged, and lost. It must be around 10 years ago, when I first visited the city. I remember that I liked the place, but I didnt love it that much. Then I returned again and again - and every time I could see something additional, a new park, new tiny stores, local people - and I started to love the city.

We hate tourism tours?
Thinking about whtt, I always remember you Bruno, how you where sitting on that table in the hostel in Lisbon. On our last night you told us ""tonight its your last night, and its going to be a good night"" - because you wanted to convince us to go out. We hate tourism tours reminds me of a growing child, that is enjoying the little things in life, but that wants to explore more and more. Sometimes its crazy, sometimes its calm, but it has always ideas in its mind.

Have you ever fell in love with someone when you travel?
Unfortunately yes - and it was on the other side of the world. The setting was as perfect as in a romantic movie; crystal clear water, lonesome, white and golden beaches and a geourgous man that was treating me like a princess. Sometimes I almost couldnt breathe because I tought that I was living in a dream. Besides a heart that was broken a little, I brought many good memories with me. And last but not least, I know now that dreams can become true if you let them come true.

The most embarrassing/funny moment you had while travelling?
Oh the most funny moment was in Foz do Iguassu. We took a motorboat to drive under the falls. When I was there, the waterfalls where huge, because it was raining a lot before. We entered the boat, protected with raincoats. The sound of tons of water falling down was around us and we drove towards one of the falls. Everyone was excited and laughing because we couldnt believe where we were and we were full of adrenaline. The driver warned us - and then drove directly through the waterfall, the sound getting louder and louder, and all of us where all wet. And then we did it again. That was so cool, and it was impressive to see the falls from so close.

Next stop?
I'm always having projects in my mind - and then I stop them because I think I should better work, because we use to work a lot. But my next project is going back to latin america and learn spanish. I would like to work there a little, for example help in a hospital or work with children. And then travel as long as I want, until I get homesick or broke But until then, as many small trips as possible, here in switzerland or around Europe. And for sure go back to Lisbon!

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