Pinar Ergün

Art Director/Illustrator

Istanbul, Turkey

Rhythmic chaos, watercolors and red wine in suits

Who is "you"?
I am a silent, peaceful and positive person.  I feel like a nomad when I travel. I don’t like making plans and love to travel spontaneously. I prefer to travel alone and stay in hostels or local houses so I may have the chance to meet local and different kind of people instead of tourists. My phylosophy is always staying on the learning side of life. I am interested in underground life and street culture of the cities. walking in the streets from day to night is my best thing i do while i travel, the road brings you the adventure.  So sometimes i return from a travel without seeing any museum or a historic place because of walking on the streets, discovering local galleries, cafes sometimes private events.  From day to night I walk every street. Just sit in a corner and watch people’s lives, meet and talk people in the street and be a part of theit daily life. While I am living in Istanbul I am an art director, I work in a global big advertising agency which is a very stressful and hard job. I am also an illustrator, make watercolor pictures. I have a half page column in a monthly magazine which is about literature and street culture. I write some small paragraphs about life and draw watercolor pictures to those paragraphs.

Wich is the thing you love the most in your city?
In every corner and every hour of the day you can find an art or music event. The city is full of adventures, while you are walking you can discover every kind of lifestyle one step forward the street changes to an other city. It is mixed and filled with too many cultures. It looks like a kaos from from outside and it is really a kaos in istanbul but when you start to live here you will discover the rhythm of the kaos and will find your way. Istanbul is one of the biggest and adventorous cities in the world i think. If you can live here, you can live everywhere in the world.

What makes you travel?
To change my way of thinking about things in my life. To clear my mind. To solve my problems travelling makes me rest my mind and put my life to an order. I can only think by walking so i always walk while i am travelling. It gives me peace and positive energy. It also motivates me to do my art. I get inspired from being on the road.

Places you´ve been in the world?
Porto, Sarjevo, Kastellorizo, Lisbon, Prague, Helsinki, Nurnberg and it goes on...

Tell us a smell, a taste, a color, or a sense you remember from a place you´ve been?
While i was trekking in Karadeniz which is the greenest area of turkey and the climate is the same with the rainforests. I was passing from a village which is on the edge of the highest mountain of the area suddenly i found myself in the middle of a huge cow shit area which smelled so strongly shit that i felt like i was going to die because of the smell. One street of the village was all filled with that shit. Later i learned that it is a common thing the villagers reserve an area to collect the shit and use them to mix it with soil and it makes the soil more rich and filled with minerals so the vegetables become more healthy. And the colorful mosaics in Lisbon were great which I can’t forget. And i am very impressed from the architecture of Kastellorizo. All small houses same white blue and brown colors. They were very cute and cosy.

What is the silliest thing you ever bought in your trips?
I bought a pot of flower from Helsinki which I needed to carry in my hand all back to home from the city to airport and from airport to Istanbul. It was crazy to carry such a thing. The flower I bought wasn’t something special of the city, it was just a flower which I loved and bought.

If Lisbon was a person, who does it remind you of?
It would be a sexy woman who can sing, dance and cook very well. She would be a very positive and inspiring woman. I think someone like Salma Hayek maybe J

We hate tourism tours?
A good old friend of mine which I hang around to have fun and always in my first list to call my parties.

Have you ever fell in love with someone when you travel?
Once but it was a work travel and I was engaged so i stressed myself and couldn’t live that moment freely. Now I think I should have felt more freely and lived my moment, next time I will.

The most embarrassing/funny moment you had while travelling?
While I was returning from Belgium to Istanbul I drunk a little bit more than regular because I have a flight stress. The airplane entered to a small turbulence. My red wine on the table poured over the guy who is sitting next to me. He was a really high class business man and he was wearing a very expensive suit. All his suit got wed with the wine. He was very angry and started to shout at me. It was not my fault it was because of the turbulence but he thought that I did it because I was drunk. And I was so embarrassed that couldn’t find a way to calm him, then I gave up to try to say sorry and just started to laugh to his situation, told him no need to get stressed it is all done and we can't rewind the time, and served my next wine to the hostess. he was really really very angry. The airplane landed and he was still talking to himself...

Next stop?
I want to see Latin America, Cuba and the Poles. I wish I make a long train trip in russia which I can see all around different nature and cities from the window and northern lights. I love trains very much. This is my website which you can see my art:

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