Rami Litani

HR Manager

Tel Aviv, Israel

Clarinet, broken teeth and a lovely wife

Who is "you"?
Hello, do you know Rami? A very nice person whom I have met a short time ago. Ah, you don't know. so let me introduce him shortly to you / Rami is in his early sixties. living near Tel Aviv in Israel. He has a lovely family - wonderful wife, a daughter, a son in law, a son and 2 lovlely grand daughters. Rami works in a big bank in Israel, but he doesn't understand too much in monetary issues as he is just an HR manager.. Rami plays the clarinet and the piano and he loves music, especially folk music. 

Wich is the thing you love the most in your city?
My city is called Raanana. It is quiet, relaxed, quite green, good education system for children, and nice people. And it is quite near to Israel's busiest city - Tel aviv

What makes you travel?
Me and my wife like to take from time to time a break from everyday life.

Places you´ve been in the world?
A lot from Japan to Argentina and Brasil. Russia, HongKong, USA, South Africa, and or course many places in Europe, which we like most

Tell us a smell, a taste, a color, or a sense you remember from a place you´ve been?
A smell of French cheese, or the tulips in Holland The colour of the blue Rhine The blue Ocean and the white rocks in Portugal or Normandy The taste of a good wine either in France, Germany Or Vino Verde

What is the silliest thing you ever bought in your trips?
A quince instead of a pear, which nearly broke my teeth

If Lisbon was a person, who does it remind you of?
A nice lady

We hate tourism tours?
yes i do hate tourism tours , but i love wehatetourismtours

Have you ever fell in love with someone when you travel?
A lot , with my wife

The most embarrassing/funny moment you had while travelling?
Nearly losing our way , me and my wife, after having drunk ""some"" Sangria in Madrid

Next stop?
Germany in the asparagus (spargel) season, and than ...... P O R T U G A L And you can get in touch with my travel agent, his name is Teddy Lev Ari. his mail is TeddyL@etr.co.il.

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