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We Hate Tourism Tours

We are portuguese and we always like to know what are we paying and because we believe in sustentability and fair trade, here is an idea of what and where the money goes, per booking, when you make a tour with us:

23% to the portuguese Government in taxes, for them to continue to spend money in the wrong way
25% for the tipical local portuguese food, wine and pasteries
27% for the all the insurances, maintenance of our vans and gas (diesel-1,40€ per litre)
10% to the friendly driver that has a degree, and more than 900 years of portuguese cultural knowledge, but probably would be unemployed if it wasn't for you
13% to the company to continue paying taxes to exist, social security of workers and once in a while a dinner to the team
2% for our Lisbon Sustainable Tourism Project to print t-shirts and bags that you can find in our office/ kinda of store