It all started when Bruno just answered to an american friend: "I'm not a tourist guide man, I hate tourism tours!", in response to a question about starting a business in the tourism industry. Bruno continued: "I'm doing this because i'm unemployed, i have time, I love my city and to share this love and knowledge with everyone. I want to make them understand things around here and that´s it". The immediate feedback of everyone in the van was: "We love it, do it, do it just like you are doing it now".

In the beginning of 2010 We Hate Tourism Tours was born. It was not an idea or a project, it was something that already had started a long time ago, in Bruno´s notebooks and drawings and in the way he was traveling with his parents since he was just a little boy. His mom always said: "More than just our son, you'll be always a result of the people you meet and the places you see."
Since then he never stopped meeting people and changing experiences with like-minded travelers from everywhere in the world.

And We Hate Tourism Tours is a result of this. A continuous exchange and cultural enrichment from people that see and wanna experience in a different way.


Bruno was the responsible to put together a group of unemployed friends, like journalists, psychologists, photographers and rebel rousers.
We did not study Lisbon in a classroom – we live it, and we are the living and breathing proof that with enough creativity, love and friends, everything is possible.

We are urban diplomats of all backgrounds who grew up here in Lisbon and use local knowleadge to properly introduce visitors to the city we love.
Some started to call us the Unofficial Ambassadors of Lisbon and Portugal.

Unofficial Ambassadors because we were not appointed, we don't have friends in politics, and we don't like our President. We were simply named this way by the people that in the last years visited Portugal and took tours with We Hate Tourism Tours.

You are responsible for us having a job in this moment, and we thank you for that, by sharing and making you experience the real Lisbon... The city we love (and sometimes hate too).


Basically we like to say that we don´t do anything special. There is no big concept or philosophy behind We Hate Tourism Tours.
What we like is to share with our friends visiting the city of Lisbon and our country, the love (sometimes hate) and experience of living in here. Everyone of us have a different perspective of the city and that is what we are interested of sharing with you.

Simple things like why portuguese are lazy and stupid and how politicians are so smart, why our food is so great and how Fado music affects our progress.
Again, more that just showing you the sights, we are interested in giving you an understanding of portuguese culture, because either we like it or not, we are portuguese and we are part of it.

info@wehatetourismtours.com if you want to ask something, work with us or just to say hello
reservations@wehatetourismtours.com if you are crazy enough to book a tour with us

(+351) 913 776 598 (from 10am to 7pm Lisbon time)

We are always driving, but there in the afternoons there´s always someone in the office. If you are lucky to find us you can even have a glass of wine at Sede dos Mal Amados, in Lx Factory.


We came a long way since the first van we ever had in We Hate Tourism Tours. After so many stories of broken motors, love and oil in our hands, we keep on loving our vans and jeeps more than ever. Because it is with them that we share our love and knowledge with people that visit us. Taking you to our favourite places, beaches, parks and making you feel and live Lisbon and Portugal in a way that you would never experience it.